I will be exhibiting at a trade show and am interested in lead retrieval. Can I use ZetaLeads at any event?

Yes, as long as the organizer is working with us to provide attendee data. In that case, please contact us to order your license for the specific event. If your event organizer isn’t providing ZetaLeads yet, let us know and we’ll contact them.

I’m an event organizer and would like to provide ZetaLeads to my exhibitors. How do I make that happen?

For ZetaLeads to work at your event, the main ingredient is your attendees’ registration data. If you provide us with that information, we can set up the rest for you. There is no cost for you as an organizer to provide the service. Contact us and we’ll tell you all about how to get on board. In the meantime, you can start finding out more under How it works and Try it out.

Do I need to be online with my smartphone when using ZetaLeads?

No. ZetaLeads also works when you have no Internet connection.

Do I need to create a ZetaLeads account before the event starts?

The great thing about ZetaLeads is that you can customize your app such that your booth staff capture exactly the information you want for each lead. You can do so through the Exhibitors Center, ideally a few days prior to the event. However, you can also purchase a ZetaLeads account during the show and customize it there and then,or just use the app with the default settings.

How can I customize the app?

The main feature when it comes to customizing your app is adding tags and questions that help your booth staff gather more information on leads. You can define your tags and questions in the Exhibitors Center. To try out the feature, sign up for a test account.

How many people at my company can use ZetaLeads once I order a license?

With one exhibitor license (€100 per event day), you get an unlimited number of user accounts for your company. As an administrator of the Exhibitors Center you will be able to set up an account for each member of staff that will use the ZetaLeads app. Find out more about our pricing.

Does the event organizer have to pay for ZetaLeads?

No. Only the exhibitors pay a fee to use ZetaLeads at an event. For event organizers, there is even a rewards program for offering the service. Find out more.

What are NFC technology and RFID codes?

NFC (near-field communication) is a technology that establishes radio communication between two devices held close to each other, usually no more than a few inches or centimeters apart. In the case of ZetaLeads, your smartphone (many current smartphones support NFC) is one of the devices; the other is an RFID tag, a small chip attached to attendees’ badges that contains information about them. ZetaLeads uses this technology to read data stored on the RFID tag and display it on your smartphone. To try it out, sign up for a test account and be sure to mention that you’d specifically like to test the NFC function.

My phone doesn’t support NFC. Can I still use ZetaLeads?

Yes, you can. You have two options: entering the ID numbers printed on attendees’ badges or scanning the badges’ barcodes (available for selected exhibitions). If in doubt, ask your event organizer which of these options will be available.

What happens if I scan an attendee’s badge after a colleague has already done so?

Thanks to a complex replication process, the ZetaLeads app can show you which attendees have been scanned by your colleagues. If an attendee’s badge gets scanned twice by your company, all of the information captured will be stored and nothing will be overwritten. If you’re using ZetaLeads offline, you won’t see your colleagues’ latest scans, but all the information you capture will still be safe.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

No problem at all. We also provide rental smartphones. Find out more